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In an Absent Dream 204 pages | *Foul is Fair 336 pages | Girls of Storm and Shadow 416 pages | Helium 113 pages | Internment 11:25:00 | Let’s Talk About Love 09:08:36 | Macbeth 219 pages | The Mermaid’s Voice Returns in This One 208 pages | Orpheus Girl 176 pages | The Source of Self-Regard 16:05:57 | Vox 09:33:09 | We Are Okay 256 pages

TOTAL | 1928 pages + 1 day, 22 hours, 12 minutes, and 42 seconds

*This book has not yet been published.

january anticipated releases

On January 7, three books will be coming out: Come Tumbling Down, We Used to Be Friends, and Woven in Moonlight.

Come Tumbling Down is the fifth book in Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children Series, a series that I have grown to love, but have fallen behind on. This book follows one of my favorite characters, Jack, who is queer. That’s all that I really need to know, and I definitely plan on catching up on the series soon.

Amy Spalding’s We Used to Be Friends explores a theme that I have rarely seen in books – the growing apart / breaking up of childhood friends. I wish that a book like this had existed when I was a teen, because I never thought that stuff like this happened (and it happened to me).

Magic, royalty, revenge, and THAT COVER was all it took for Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibanez to capture me. Not gonna lie though, it was mostly the cover.

Say Her Name by Zetta Elliott will be published on January 14. As a feminist, it is important to me to be aware of issues that exist outside of my identity. It calls attention to the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality, as well as celebrating black women.

Say Her Name


“Say her name and solemnly vow

Never to forget, or allow

Our sisters’ lives to be erased;

Their presence cannot be replaced.

This senseless slaughter must stop now.”


top 10 goals of 2020

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  1. Maintain a healthy diet, and drink more water. It’s always been difficult for me to remain disciplined when it comes to food. I have a tendency to eat my feelings… Since I deal with depression and anxiety, I eat my feelings a lot and this is something that I need to change.
  2. Attend the gym regularly. I’ve had a gym membership since January of last year when I said that I would start going to the gym. Have I actually stepped foot in the gym though? No. This year I want to change that.
  3. Follow through with treatment plans. I, also, have a bad habit of not following through with treatment plans, especially if the it exits outside of the realm of taking a pill (needles are a no-no). My “homework” assignments from my therapist go without being done; then I end up not going to my therapist. So, the cycle continues.
  4. Obtain a full-time job. In order to achieve number five on my list, I have to get a full-time job. I desperately want to gain my independence, and I can’t do that while at my current job.
  5. Move into my own place. Again, I want to be independent, and I want to start building a home for myself  (with an office separate from my bedroom).
  6. Stick to a budget (save money / decrease debt). I have committed to only buying the bare necessities in order to get out of debt. Step one is to pay off my credit card. Then, step two is to pay off my car loan. Finally, step three is to start putting money in my savings account. Once I get past step one then I don’t have to be as strict with my budget (the bare necessities only).
  7. Post (on blog) regularly. I am already failing at this because this blog post is late. Go me! Better late than never though, am I right?
  8. Read more (50 books / one per week). Last year, I read sixteen books and in 2018 I read thirty-two. I have yet to have ever completed my GoodReads goal, but I am determined to make this the year that it happens.
  9. Start and finish a journal. I’d like to keep a journal as both a creative outlet and a place to empty out my thoughts, as well as organize them.
  10. Stop procrastinating! This is by far probably my worst habit, and I’d like to break it this year. There’s always next year though, right?


masquerade | spoiler free review


Releasing on May 7 | E-Arc provided courtesy of NetGalley


One thing that I absolutely adore about Cyrus Parker is that they list content/trigger warnings for their readers. As someone who has gone through some of the the events detailed, it’s important to know whats coming. Masquerade is noted to contain the following (but it is possible that there are more triggers):

  • abandonment
  • alcohol use
  • death
  • gender dysphoria
  • harassment
  • intimate partner abuse

After reading about ¼ of Cyrus’ latest poetry collection, I could tell just how much they had grown since the publishing of their first collection, which I felt a slight disconnect from. When it comes to Masquerade, that it not the case – I felt so seen at times that I almost felt stripped bare. I think that was Cyrus’ intentions, for an “unmasking” if you will.

Some of my favorite poems from Masquerade are: “better late than never,” “fault lines,” “hate/hate relationship,” “i am become,” and “space.” In “hate/hate” relationship,” I saw myself. I truly saw myself, like I was looking in a mirror and was watching myself be dissected. I’ve always dealt with body image issues, and this particular poem hit home.

Preorder your copy now!

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I can’t wait to see what projects Cyrus is working on next (I know that this collection hasn’t technically come out yet, but the publishing industry moves quickly – what else can be said). I’ll definitely be picking up more of their working in the future.