masquerade | spoiler free review


Releasing on May 7 | E-Arc provided courtesy of NetGalley


One thing that I absolutely adore about Cyrus Parker is that they list content/trigger warnings for their readers. As someone who has gone through some of the the events detailed, it’s important to know whats coming. Masquerade is noted to contain the following (but it is possible that there are more triggers):

  • abandonment
  • alcohol use
  • death
  • gender dysphoria
  • harassment
  • intimate partner abuse

After reading about ¼ of Cyrus’ latest poetry collection, I could tell just how much they had grown since the publishing of their first collection, which I felt a slight disconnect from. When it comes to Masquerade, that it not the case – I felt so seen at times that I almost felt stripped bare. I think that was Cyrus’ intentions, for an “unmasking” if you will.

Some of my favorite poems from Masquerade are: “better late than never,” “fault lines,” “hate/hate relationship,” “i am become,” and “space.” In “hate/hate” relationship,” I saw myself. I truly saw myself, like I was looking in a mirror and was watching myself be dissected. I’ve always dealt with body image issues, and this particular poem hit home.

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I can’t wait to see what projects Cyrus is working on next (I know that this collection hasn’t technically come out yet, but the publishing industry moves quickly – what else can be said). I’ll definitely be picking up more of their working in the future.

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