pushing the limits

maybe someday my

dreams will come true.

maybe my 11:11 wish

will finally be heard,

or maybe i’ll wish on the

right shooting star.

i’m beginning to lose hope;

how long can a person keep

going before they decide

that they just can’t anymore?

April is National Poetry Month!

April is national poetry month, which was news to me. I found out about this through twitter, and shortly discovered that Amanda Lovelace and Cyrus Parker were going to be giving prompts each day of April over on their instagram accounts. They took turns, one giving prompts on the even days (Cyrus) and the other giving them on the odds days (Amanda).

As an aspiring writer and lover of poetry, I decided to participate and created my own poems using their prompts. The prompt for April 2nd was shooting stars & clocks stuck on 11:11.

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